Musical + Event


Individuality makes the difference - from simple stage performances through to the realisation of highly complex engineering using various drive technologies. With our STC Navigator Concept everything is under control, all the time. It brings the director´s visions to life and impresses decision makers and users in equal measure. Not at least because of the unlimited scope for expansion, maximum security, flexibility and efficiency.


The STC Navigator Concept, which can be individually tailored to your requirements provides the option of freely configuring complex motion processes for various drives within an image (Cue). In this way for example you can start or stop eight of these cues independently from one another within a Cuepage. This can also be done in the background with unlimited, interlinking drive processes.


Almost all musicals in Germany and many shows and event productions such as the Helene Fischer and Udo Lindenberg tour rely on our technology.


  • From simple to highly complex, from an individual approach to the standardised STC Navigator Concept for powerful motion processes from DGUV-V17/18 to IEC 61508 SIL3

  • Uncomplicated and quick configuration and adjustable to director´s wishes
  • Reliable, durable, autonomous - for maximum investment- and operating security