For over thirty years we have seen ourselves as an interest group performing together with our customers at the highest level. That’s why we place the greatest emphasis on an in-depth analysis of your requirements and corresponding guidance. It is therefore simply a logical step for us to assume full responsibility for the user in practice with our control concepts.


As for us human safety is our first priority among all of the efficiency aspects. This is precisely why the current standards and guidelines such as the provisions of the DGUV, IEC 61508, DIN 56950 and many more are taken very seriously by us.


Please give us a call on +49 2305 63726010 or send an email to us at and set up a non-binding meeting. Our motivated team is looking forward to meeting your requirements.


  • Outstandingly safe: significantly better PFH values than the values required in IEC 61508 for Level SIL3 
  • Training and continuous education of our employees for the purpose of increasing knowledge in professional and methodical areas to retain staff and to develop high levels of corporate innovation
  • We take care of your projects for the whole period of their lifespan